The City Projects is a series of animations that adds depth to the people of this world. It gives meaning to their existence and creates the sense of internal conflict. The first installment is a letter from a lonely transplant of a major metropolis that desperately misses the familiarity of her rural hometown. She writes her reminisce to her dear brother back home, caring for his mother and tending to their land.

Artists Ryan Irilli and Liz Copeland have been making animation for almost three years now and recently relocated from Seattle to San Francisco. Their work merges technology and computers with traditional sculpture and drawing. Since the onset their method has been to focus on using materials to create miniature worlds in which stories take place. Stop motion animation brings these worlds to life, as painstaking as it may be, and captures the hand of the artist at work through every imperfect gesture.

Screening w/Ryan Irilli: May 5th (First Thursday), 8pm-11pm
Interstitial Theatre at RustiQue Studios
1701 First Ave South [3rd floor], Seattle.