FIRST Thursday | APRIL

Screenings: April 7, 2011 [First Thursday] 8:30pm & 10pm
note: NEW LOCATION @ RustiQue Studios in SODO [1701 First Ave S] map

A Jazzman's Jazzman: The Gerry Carruthers Story by Ben Harris and Paul Maupoux of Cro-Magnon Pictures tells the extraordinary story of fictional jazz pianist Gerry Carruthersʼ lifelong struggle for fame and recognition. Through deadpan Ken Burnsstyle interviews of the people that loved and hated him, the viewer is taken inside The Silver Nugget, the Sacramento jazz club where Carruthers became infamous. The highs and lows of Gerryʼs life, from the release of his first and only hit song to the colossal failure of his 28-member jazz fusion experiment, are dramatized using gorgeous stop-motion animation of one-of-a-kind character puppets. A Jazzmanʼs Jazzman also features a lush original jazz score by Seattle musicians and composers.

A Jazzmanʼs Jazzman won Best Animation at S.N.O.B (Somewhat North of Boston) Film Festival, and the Award of Excellence in animation at the Canada International Film Festival. Cro-Magnon pictures is a Seattle based independent film company run by Ben Harris, Paul Maupoux and Birch Pereira.

Also screening Brian Perkins' latest episode of The Heavens and Reproducing Reproducing Autonomy by Molly McIntyre.

Interstitial Theatre features artists who are making relevant contemporary video art.
Interstitial Theatreʼs curators are Kira Burge and Julia Bruk.