let's all go to SUMMER CAMP and have a grand old time!

SUMMER CAMP : a curatorial reaction
June 2nd & July 7th, 8-11pm

SUMMER CAMP : a curatorial reaction is a two part exhibition series of new video work by Interstitial Theatre's curators Julia Bruk and Kira Burge. The fast approaching June 2nd exhibit will focus on Burge's latest work, with an accompanying video piece made in response/reaction to Burge's work, by Julia Bruk. The July 7th screening will be the reverse with Bruk creating the video that Burge will respond/react to.

Now a little bit about Burge's work. Burge considers herself a consumer, exploring how we (the consumer) justify and navigate our personal consumption of manufactured goods. Burge's new work focuses specifically on the “green movement” drawing upon iconography and language associated with "green" consumer goods to create work that questions the relationships and interactions we have with these objects. Burge's sculptural exhibition last May, modular exposure to a High-gloss sunset(2010) included low craft based materials paired with decorative household objects that were strategically placed upon awkwardly built sleek white surfaces and shelving units. The title of each piece within the exhibition had been extracted from text and consumer imagery, such as warning labels, to spotlight the complexities and absurdities of and within the contemporary system of consumption, a technique that is still highly prevalent in her practice to date. The work that will be screened on June 2nd at Interstitial Theatre has a similar feeling to a previous video piece HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED(2010), as it is also according to Burge, an "action based video" a term she uses to describe the style of video art she makes that feels homologous to a documentation of a performance piece.
Still from HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED(2010) by Kira Burge.

Kira Burge is an installation, sculpture and video artist. She received her BFA in Fibers and Arts Administration from the University of Oregon in 2010. Burge grew up in Portland and recently moved to Seattle to found and curate Interstitial Theatre. Burge has exhibited work at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, at the Maryland Federation of Art in Annapolis, and at the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts in Eugene, OR. http://kiraburge.com

Julia Bruk is a photographer and video artist native to Seattle. She received her BFA from the University of WashingtonĘŧs DX Arts program in 2010. Bruk is a member of RustiQue Studios in SODO and co-curatorof Interstitial Theatre. http://www.juliabrukphoto.com

Interstitial Theatre is an artist run project that features artists who are making relevant contemporary video art. Openings are held the first Thursday of each month from 8pm to 11pm at RustiQue Studios in SODO (1701 First Ave S, Seattle) with the one and only POPCORN machine and the occasional beer.