3 floors of immersive interactive artworks 
installation / video / audio / performance

Hours: Weekends 1-7pm, Tuesdays 6-9pm, closing Friday December 13th, 6-9pm

Performances: #Vrstva 2:30 pm on weekends, Space Weather Listening Booth December 6th, 8pm, 5$
Location: Belltown Collective (2231 First Ave, Seattle)

Exploring space, weather, and the natural world through a collection of multi-media and interdisciplinary installations. Curated around a singular theme, the cycle and movement of water.

0 Multimedia Installation 0 
Andy Behrle (Yakima) / aurora aquatic: corona, optics for Archimedes 
Casey Scalf - Sensebellum (Seattle) / Sandbox of Life 
Flynn Casey (Portland) / A Good Place to Think About it All 
Ellen Lake (California) / Striptease, Crossing, Country Road 
Helga Hizer (California) / Exercise #6 
Jorge Catoni (Chile) / Developing Nation 
Jessica Hoffman (Seattle) / Stereoviews 
Jonathan Womack (Seattle) / Memory: Pattern Recognition, Memory: Pareidolia 
Kate Ryan (Seattle) / Hydromancy
Let’s (Andy Arkley, Courtney Barnebey, Peter Lynch) (Seattle) / Wave Motion
Luca Ferri (Italy) / ECCE UBU
Maja Petrić (Seattle - Croatia) / Red of the Dry Falls, Skies
Spar Wilson (Seattle) / Searching Pattern Machines
Tony Chrenka (Portland) / Release : Utopia Extract

Liliana Farber (Israel) / Cache

0 Performance 0
Alice Gosti (Seattle) / the unbreakable one / performance during opening 
Rashelle McKee & Alisa Popova (Seattle) / Vrstva / performances on week-ends 2:30-3pm, closing night at 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm

0 Audio 0
Nat Evans and John Teske (Seattle) / Space Weather Listening Booth