Interstitial Theatre is excited to announce its new Pop-Up Gallery at the Belltown Collective curtesy of Storefront Seattle. 

Located in a 10,000 square foot exhibition space in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood and dedicated to exhibiting video, sound and other new media to exhibit their artwork.

Oct 11-Nov 8th | Sat & Sun 1-7pm
Opening Oct 11th, 6-9pm | Closing Fri Nov 8th, 6-9pm
A video art show dealing with the the tension that builds through the repetitive actions we take in an effort to achieve happiness. 


Erin Elyse Burns                                                                  Michael Lorefice  
Wind Window                                                                         Grasping at Weight in A Perfect Place

Joana Stilwell  
Making a Good Moment Last Longer      Cumulus

Saskia Dolores                                                                        Ellen Dicola 
Antartica                                                                                   Mutual Dreaming

Dakota Gearhart                                                                    Sarah Bliss 
Small Cells                                                                               You Leave Here

Weston Lyon                                                                           SOUND INSTALLATION
Toss-Up (Test 1, 2 & 3)                                                               DAY OF THE MACHINE, THE WHOLE IS THE PART 
                                         an ongoing multimedia collaboration conceived 
                                          by Seattle artists Guy Merrill and Edgar Deeter.