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Interstitial Theatre

Curated by Julia Greenway

Culturally, we live in a technologically driven time, our landscape is continually shifting. We move between the digital and the natural almost seamlessly. Yet the future of our natural world is uncertain, unpredictable.
Artists Andy Behrle, Dakota Gearhart, Casey Scalf and Thomas Everett Green pull imagery and aesthetic directly from the natural landscape and re-contextualize that imagery onto digital planes to create four distinct evolved experiences of moving between the the natural and the digital.

Andy Behrle

Cosmos Aquatic

Circumnavigate water ways. Each of the four six-foot weather balloons has an individualized projection of moving water. This kinetic phenomenon is representative of the usually overlooked sources of natural energy that surround us.
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Dakota Gearhart

The Pathway of Stranger Living

Immerse yourself in a decaying rainbow. A series of nine grotesque and decomposing arches, each representational of individualized form, color, and light act as a surface for projection. Light bleeds over the textures of this built tunnel, creating a space of play that evolves as the viewer moves through the installation.
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Casey Scalf

Sandbox of Life

Build yourself a digital sandcastle. With a large scale installation featuring the interactive Sandbox of Life, Scalf invites the audience to manipulate their experience of the digital with their hands.
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Thomas Everett Green

The Nature of Things

Wrap yourself in the growth of a micro environment. Inspired by petri dishes of organisms breeding and growing as a signifier of the power of nature, artist Thomas Everett Green's utilizes the central circular theatre. The Nature of Things is projected onto the ceiling and wraps around the isolating enveloping walls to create an environment of change.
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Artist interviews were filmed and produced by Double Pinhole Productions.