Interstitial Theatre at LxWxH

LxWxH Gallery 6007 12th Ave S, 2nd Floor | Hours: Thursday - Saturday 12-5pm

June 5th to 7th

Nearly 4 years ago Interstitial Theatre began sharing video art in the closet of a Seattle gallery during the interim "interstitial" time between one art show and the next.
In the spirit of Interstitial Theatre's founding, curator Julia Greenway and director Kira Burge have teamed up with gallerist Sharon Arnold to activate LxWxH Gallery in Georgetown during exhibit changeovers for the remainder of the year.
ReillySinanan KINETICTHIRDS 02
Each video plays on a mini-monitor to facilitate an intimate viewing experience.
Videos are available for purchase as part of an exclusive Interstitial Theatre edition. Each video is an original piece of art and comes with a mini-screen, player (Raspberry Pi), cords and headphones, making it a total package ready for any home, big or small.

Artwork on Exhibit 

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 10.32.18 PM
Anthony Bocci, Nick Tobin  
Hannah Rae
Single channel video (08:00)
Gearhart Stiff

 Dakota Gearhart
Be Animal and Sexy and Free 2012
Single channel video (02:00)
Sarah Bliss
The Beautiful Strange Land 
(An Tír Álainn Aisteach)
Single channel video (11:15)

Erin Elyse Burns
Dark Matter
Single channel video (06:19)
Joana Stillwell
Single channel video (09:01)

Preview Inside the Exhibit

We hear chewing and smacking, watch closely as artist Joana Stillwell meticulously places each mouth sculpted piece of gum on the surface of a cumulonimbus cloud. In this piece 'Cumulonimbus' Stillwell engages an every-day material (gum) forming it to mimic the natural world.
On the other side of the gallery never-ceasing waves pull seaweed back and forth in swirling eddies, shifting amidst the light. Listen as a younger female voice with an U.S. accent and an older male voice with a strong Irish brogue work together to decipher a written unseen Irish text. This video, 'The Beautiful Strange Land (An Tir Alainn Aisteach)' by artist Sarah Bliss is a languid mediation of the loss of language revealing its rootedness in land/place.
Just six steps to the right, artist Dakota Gearhart blurs the lines between reality and illusion in 'Be Animal and Sexy and Free' as she explore nature and pornography through her lens of humor and cybicism. The visual is of a road-side shrubbery planted near a pristine lake. A voice comes through the headphones instructing the shrub to pose as if it is a model or porn star. The result you must experience for yourself.