interstitial theatre presents:

Join Interstitial Theatre, Seattle's contemporary video art gallery alongside our curator and yoga instructor, Julia Greenway on a yogic journey curated with relevant video art. Participated in a unique immersive multi-media sensory experience.

Julia Greenway invites you to enjoy the enriching experience of yoga in an environment of freedom, creativity, and compassion. As an artist, curator, and traveler, yoga has always been her foundation.  The practice allows her to build an ever-deepening connection with her physical and mental self, which in turn fuels her creativity and allows her to find ease. Julia is continuously seeking new and exciting ways to bring yoga to her students.

Students of all abilities and levels are welcome! 
 //Session 1 
Fred Wildlife Refuge 
Wednesdays  // 7 - 8:15pm // $15 drop-in
Classes begin January 8th 2014
 //Session 2 
Henry Art Gallery 
3rd Thursday of each month // 12:30 - 1:30pm
free with gallery admission 
//Session 3
Art Xchange Gallery
Saturdays // 10 - 11:15am // $15 drop-in
Classes begin February 22nd


// Kurtis Hough Portland OR

In Mirrors, And in Truth

Walking Through Mist (part II)


// Elise Bonato Adelaide Australia


// Alice Gosti Seattle WA


// Hervé Penhoat Paris France

54 Cet air

// Cody Groom Seattle WA

Through Lines

// Sean Capone Brooklyn NY

Horizon Suspension


// Elise Bonato Adelaide Australia


// Ellen Dicola Seattle WA



// C Andrew Rohrmann Seattle WA


//Alexis Eggertsen Seattle WA


//John Criscitello Seattle WA

Gustons Lullaby

// Sabrina Ratte Montreal Canada

Activated Memory I

//Derek Larson Savannah GA

 Savannah Botanical II

 Savannah Botanical III

 // Yves Ackermann Paris France

My Love Soon


// Sean Deckert Phoenix AZ


// Rodrigo Valenzuela Seattle WA




// Erin Elyse Burns Seattle WA

Heat Whispers

// Josue Ruiz Madrid Spain

Water Cross

Thank you to all participating artist and partnering venues.