PHOTOS: Best of 2012 - Interstitial Theatre -

Interstitial Theatre's 2012:
24 multi-media artists, 7 Shows at RustiQue Studios,  3 Mobile Screen reels at 3 art festivals and featured Shunpike's annual fundraiser!

The Interstitial Theatre team had such an amazing time in 2012 expanding our shows to include a wide array of multidisciplinary media including performances, 3D projections, multiple channel video, active sculptures, live feeds of video and audio, and all the in-betweens. We enjoyed attending festivals and fundraisers with our newly made mobile screen including Push Arts New Media Festival in South Lake Union and Spectrecle in Georgetown. 2013 is brewing to be an exciting year as we develop our Mobile Screen Video Tour around town starting in the Spring!

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Keep being creative, your dedicated team,
Kira Burge, Julia Bruk, and Julia Greenway