When: Thursday September 6, 2012 from 8-11pm
Where: Interstitial Theatre (1701 1st Ave S.)

Interstitial Theatre presents our first annual STUDENT SHOW featuring video art by four promising artists from Seattle's institutions of higher education.


Dakota Gearhart (aka Tiffany Peters & Tiff Mich) describes her work as “encouraging others to experience ordinary subjects in extraordinary ways... accomplishing this by experimenting with the roles of vulnerability and voyeurism in - [her] relationships with humans, nature, and technology.” Gearhart is currently pursing a MFA at the University of Washington, and received her BFA in 2007 from Florida State University.

Gearhart's work has been exhibited internationally, including Seattle exhibitions at the Object Gallery, and Jacob Lawrence Gallery. She was recently published in Intimate Landscapes by Open to Interpretation Books. And in November will be participating in a group show at Gordon Parks Gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota as she prepares for her MFA thesis exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery, opening in May 2013.

Reilly Sinanan describes his work as “a state of being and likewise making that is less consumed by object and product but rather process and practice.” Sinanan is a junior at Cornish College of the Arts, working towards a cross disciplinary BFA in sculpture, video, and performance art. His work has been exhibited throughout Seattle including space such as the FRED Wildlife Refuge and as part of the Degenerative Art Ensemble. He is currently working with the Degenerate Art Ensemble towards the creation of The Predator's Songstress, a generative performance and production scheduled to take place this coming fall.

Rylee Stearnes describes her work as “random subjects that may appear conceptually weak... possess[ing] the bitter contrast of happy moments turned into dead memories.” Stearnes is a senior at Cornish College of the Arts, working towards a BFA in video and painting. She incorporates photography, illustration, and music into her stop motion video work.

Jenisa Ubben makes new media work that is a collaboration of dance and video. Utilizing the talent of professional and student dancers, and choreographers; she creates interactive multi- media experiences. Ubben is a senior at Cornish College of the Arts, working towards a BFA in video. Her work has been exhibited throughout Seattle including the Cornish Main Gallery, The Closet Gallery, and at The Baltic Room. She has received funding from the Krielsheimer Foundation, the Cornish President's Scholarship, Cornish Merit Scholarship, and Cornish Continuing and Departmental Scholarship.