MAY first Thursday

On Thursday May 3rd from 8-11pm Interstitial Theatre and RustiQue Studios present video work by Jason Reinhardt and Nico Vassilakis along with readings by poets Gregory Ellsworth Bem and Jason Conger, and visual sculptural work by Kjell Mikal Hansen. Interstitial Theatre and RustiQue Studios are located at 1701 First Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98134. map

Nico Vassilakis makes alphabet convulse, releasing letters and phonemes, eliminating word-based platforms. Recent books include Staring@Poetics (Xexoxial Editions, 2011), West of Dodge (redfoxpress, 2010), Protracted Type (Blue Lion Books, 2009), staReduction (Book Thug, 2008), and Text Loses Time (Many Penny Press, 2007). His Vispo videos have been shown at festivals and exhibits of innovative language art. He was a founding member of the Subtext Collective. Nico, along with Crag Hill, edited THE LAST VISPO: A Visual Poetry Anthology 1998 - 2008 forthcoming from Fantagraphics Books (Fall 2012). Samples of Nico's work can seen at
Jason Reinhardt makes videos that explore ideas of creation and destruction through biblical metaphors. Using commonplace materials, such as printer paper paired with uniquely contemporary operations, like the breaking-open of a fortune cookie, Reinhardt transforms the familiar into the uncanny.
Building his videos from innumerable scans, he employs the technique of stop motion animation to amplify subtle textures, shapes and shadows, pressing elements of everydayness against the glass picture plane of his flatbed scanner. His narrative abilities and keen eye seep into every square inch of the screen, and result in a poignantly visual narrative experience.
Gregory Ellsworth Bem the First was born in the state of Illinois, the state of Maine, the state of Rhode Island, the state of Pennsylvania, and most recently the state of Washington. He has contributed to his own personal mythological numerology universe, found performance through manipulation of bedroom dust collections, and fluidly challenged the concrete-like ethos made painstaking and organic through favoritism and collectivity. You can visit Mister Bem permanently in the black hole of his mouth.
Jason Conger is artillery. He lives in a thatched hut, which is near Austria. Jason saunters. He is the shoplifter. In his free time, when he's not addicted to anglicizing geese, he is jumbled. He feels abstemiously about the hard tricycles. He supports the unicycles at FEMA. His favorite type of poetry is of the whale shark style. His least favorite type is of the tapir style. He dreams about squinting at the nimble glasses. When life is neither truthful nor beautiful, Jason - or J-bone - goes hunting in the Horse Head Nebula, an artery quartered beside the system.

Kjell Hansen invites a contemplation of the holographic principle, a notion of modern superstring theory that volume us illusory and that everything "in" the universe is an inscription upon the cosmological horizon. Text suspended in his sculpture reveals alternative readings at different angles, while letters reflect and recede, echoing out beyond the planes in which they are carved. In past works, Kjell has composed canons of octaveless microtonal counterpoints, coded a biofeedback room inside which one may chase their own heartbeat, and choreographed the silent violence of focused sunlight to gently overheat image sensors. 

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