it's that time, time for....SUMMER CAMP: a curatorial reaction PART ll!

SUMMER CAMP : a curatorial reaction

June 2nd & July 7th, 8-11pm

SUMMER CAMP : a curatorial reaction is a two part exhibition series of new video work by Interstitial Theatre's curators Julia Bruk and Kira Burge. The fast approaching July 7th exhibit will focus on Bruk's latest work, with an accompanying video piece made in response/reaction to Bruk's work, by Kira Burge.

Julia focuses on creating visual artwork that encourages questioning of familiar spaces and awareness of the body as an inhabitant of a physical world infested with digital media. She has used sculptural elements to bring out atmospheric perspectives in her video and photography work, paired with heightened sound, and colorful, bold imagery. With the premiere of PINECUMBER/EQQSQUASH at SUMMER CAMP: a curatorial reaction this July, Bruk has set out to bring her background in molecular biology and genetics back into her video artwork. She describes this video as an "exploration of genetic engineering of common food, without using technology" to address the looming brave new world we live in, where already most foods we consume have been genetically altered in some way.

Prior to her transition into digital multimedia creation, Julia was engulfed in the exploration of the human genome, working at a Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center lab. She spent countless hours with our 23 pairs of chromosomes, studying regions of the genome with fluorescent color dyes using FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridization) as well as techniques of cell growth on vibrant agar gels. This, no doubt has influenced her artwork with a cushion of systematic and rhythmical order, abstracted with a broader sense of the body and humanity as a whole.


(still from Julia Bruk's June piece in response to Kira Burge's work.)

Julia Bruk is primarily a photographer but recently has transitioned her work into cinematography, mixing it with motion elements and design. With her BFA in Digital Arts and Experimental video finished in June 2010, she has been working on co-curating Interstitial Theatre, many freelance visual projects, and opening her photo/video studio in SODO ( where Interstitial Theatre is held.

Kira Burge is an installation, sculpture and video artist. She received her BFA in Fibers and Arts Administration from the University of Oregon in 2010. Burge grew up in Portland and recently moved to Seattle to found and curate Interstitial Theatre. Burge has exhibited work at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, at the Maryland Federation of Art in Annapolis, and at the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts in Eugene, OR.

Interstitial Theatre is an artist run project that features artists who are making relevant contemporary video art. Openings are held the first Thursday of each month from 8pm to 11pm at RustiQue Studios in SODO (1701 First Ave S, Seattle) with the one and only POPCORN machine and the occasional beer.