Jesse Sugarmann | February 13th

On Sunday February 13th from 1-3pm interstitial theatre will be screening Red Storm Rising by Jesse Sugarmann.

Red Storm Rising is a spatial and social reinterpretation of a car wreck. The accident is transformed into an instance of sudden monument, an unexpected chance for shared creation. The car wreck becomes a location of social exchange; a squeal, a bump, and a profound interaction. In this instance, the automatic offer of “we had better exchange information” becomes something more open-ended.

Jesse Sugarmann (Danbury, Connecticut 1974) is an interdisciplinary artist working in video, sculpture, and fibers. His work has been shown in venues such as the Getty Institute and the 2010 Portland Biennial and has been written about in publications including ArtForum, Art Papers, and Tokion Magazine. Jesse lives in Eugene, Oregon where he co-directs the Ditch Art Space and teaches in the Digital Arts department at the University of Oregon.

Screening Schedule:
1. Red Storm Rising, 2010, digital video 5:00
2. Red Storm Rising (Live in LA), 2010, digital video documentation of automotive performance 6:30