January Artist: Nathan Wade

On 01.16.2011 | 1-3pm Interstitial Theatre will screen two pieces by Seattlelite, Nathan Wade who is a self described "digital and experimental media artist." The first piece is Wade's most recent narrative based work Liminality, A Surreal Western and the second is a program titled A Shifting City.

(image from Liminality, A Sureal Western)

Wade writes, "A Shifting City is a generative HD video work constructed, edited and subtitled by custom software written in Python. Each day the software visits public Internet forums where members discuss their dreams and pairs relevant excerpts with parsed sentences taken from Samuel R. Delany’s 1975 novel "Dhalgren". The book describes a physically recombining city burning in the heartland of America, shrouded in smoke and inhabited with refugees both strange and familiar. Together a narrative begins to aggregate and emerges, folding the networked dreamers telematicly back into Delany’s liminal city of shifting time, place, space and identity."